Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Make that 3!

Okay, Sarah's water broke at midnight last night. Did 3 of my friend's water seriously break within 24 hours? This is out of control! And my question still stands....whose water freakin breaks on its own? I thought the chances were 10%! This is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunny said...

My water actually broke with Josh. It was so weird, I didn't understand what was happening. How fun for you to have so many friends with babies the EXACT same age. Are you getting excited?

Hartley Family said...

I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!! What are the chances?? All three of them? My water broke with Jezelle- it was the strangest experience.

Tiffany said...

My water broke on it's own with Maddie. It broke at 3AM, but I didn't have contractions so I didn't go to the hospital 'til 6:30AM. I was afraid that the nurses would send me home. Instead, they scolded me for lollygaggin' and said I should immediately get to the hospital when your water breaks. Who knew?