Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who knew what 23 cents could do?

I was seriously thrilled to find out the other day that there is actually a tiny cabbage patch sized (proportionately speaking) soft serve ice cream cone at McDonalds available and it only costs 23 cents. I had to go see if this was really true and sure enough, I asked for a kids soft serve at the drive thru and this tiny little cone was handed to me. It was so cute! Kimball was so excited for his ice cream and didn't even ask why it wasn't bigger. I guess that means I've been pretty good in not buying these often enough for him to know what else is out there. But the point is, it made him SO happy and it was not messy and it was probably 1/100th of the normal sugar intake! If they were smart they would charge more than the regular cone, moms would still buy it for the less mess and less sugar factor. Am I the only one who didn't ever know about these?

Also: I have been lazy about posting to the blog lately but I did just post a bunch of pics to facebook last night as I have been taking pics like crazy the last couple of weeks.

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Miriam Oh said...

geez! finally! a post! man!